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Biotic - The Ecosystem of Light

Tasked with making a lamp using a non-symmetrical assembly of found objects, I went through a 3 prototype process to finally get to the final design.

Found objects


Sketch modeling

Pink foam

3D Printing

Wood Cutting



Spray painting



From a collection of

9 found objects

this organic composition was made attempting to not allign any object symetrcally or centered with the other objects and so there would be variation of both shape and proportion with all the objects

Using the initial composition as inspiration, this

first sketch

for the first prototype was created


From this sketch, the

first prototype

was made as a quick sketch model to think about dimensions, proportions, how the light would interact with the composition, and what color palette to use

Taking into consideration the improvements suggested from feedback, the

final sketch

Was made with all the nescessary proportions, shapes and components


From feedback on the initial prototype, changes on proportions, color palette, and light direction were made to create the

final product

from wooden and 3D printed parts which were then primed, spray painted, and the small island was added a soft furry texture through flocking

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