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Trade show booth Mamadisimo.16 cut.jpg

Canon Trade Show Booth

Concept for an all-included compact trade show booth for the camera brand "Canon". Contains display spaces for products and a separate place for accessories, 3 entry points, balanced lighting for trial photography, a meeting area with a counter for snacks/coffee, and an image display.

Modeled in Rhino

Rendered in Keyshot


Trade show booth Backplate People.33  cut.jpg

Compact design with good lighting (white with soft yellow) making it ideal for photography.

Trade Show Booth Final 5.21 Cut.jpg
Trade show booth Mamadisimo.26 Cut.jpg

Separate rows for camera display.

Back panels can be used as displays for images, promotions, information, and more. Visible on both sides including side entries.

3 way entry (2 on the sides and one in the front) for easy access.

Trade Show Booth Screenshot Side.png
Trade Show Booth Final 3.19 Cut.jpg

Contains an additional display for accessories such as lenses.

Additional meeting room with a table, 4 chairs, and a counter for coffee or snacks.

Trade Show Booth Final 4.20 Cut.jpg
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