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IDO - The Guadua Speaker

Welcome to the world of IDO, where the harmony of form and function creates a symphony in your living space. IDO, an omnidirectional speaker, is not just an audio device; it's a statement piece that redefines the integration of technology into the heart of your home. Crafted with the sustainable elegance of guadua bamboo and advanced acoustic engineering, IDO delivers an unparalleled auditory experience while doubling as a centerpiece in your home décor. The blend of natural aesthetics and high-fidelity sound transforms the way you interact with technology, making it a seamless, organic part of your daily life. Sound meets sustainability, and design meets innovation.


Initially modeled in Solidworks

Final model in Rhino

Rendered in Keyshot

3D Printing



Technology Is Not Designed To Live With Us In a House

Technology is Often




But Never as a Centerpiece

Technology Should Blend In a House as Much as a Flower Does so in a Garden

IDO In Context.png


Technology that BELONGS in a house.

What is IDO?

IDO is an omnidirectional speaker designed to sit as a decorative centerpiece in a house

It is manufactured with sustainable materials such as guadua and a composite of PLA and recycled sawdust

What is Guadua?

Guadua is a type of bamboo that belongs to the Poaceae family. It grows in low altitudes and is most commonly found in Colombia, the Amazon, as well as other countries. Guadua is known for its exceptional strength, which makes it the world's strongest bamboo species with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel. Due to its strength, it is widely used in construction projects.

Why Guadua?


As the strongest species of bamboo in the world, it resists wear and tear and keeps the electronics safe. It can also withstand extreme heat and humidity very well without losing structural integrity, ensuring longevity


Guadua is sometimes used to make musical instruments as it has hollow stems and thin walls making it able to produce clear and bright sounds, perfect for high audio quality


It is a fast-growing plant that can be harvested without damaging the exosystem making it ideal as a ecofriendly material


The look of guadua itself can be very appealing making it ideal to make a speaker that stands out

Leveraging Guadua to Boost Sustainability

As guadua comes naturally round, and the speaker utilizes circular cross-sections, it requires no wood bending and therefore

reduces cost of manufacturing

As both halves of the cross-section can be used for the speaker, it means that during manufacturing it has near

zero waste production

Because of these factors, it means that a single 2-foot piece of guadua can produce more than 12 semi-circular cross sections which is enough to make

2 IDO speakers

Assembly Components

Volume Dial Knob

Top Cover

Volume Dial

Guadua Semi-Circles

Outer Meshes

2x 2-1/2" Full Range Drivers

M6 Screws


Bottom base

Compact Yet Powerful

All of the internal components are compactly mounted and secured to the bottom piece for a robust frame

Equipped with two 2 1/2 full-range drivers, IDO delivers powerful omnidirectional high quality sound

And the Bluetooth motherboard provides easy pairing and free range

Initial Prototype

A quick prototype was made to ensure compactness, ease of assembly, and test different volume dial options.

Ultimately, the spiral volume dial was selected as usability testing showed that it more intuitively suggested rotation.

Assembling the Final Prototype


Cutting the guadua cross sections into semi-circles


3D printing the top, bottom, and side meshes


Connecting and soldering the electronics to the motherboard


Arranging the electronics into a 3D printed mount


Assembling the 3D printed pieces with the electronics


Adding the guadua sections and inserting the back panel that holds all the electronics


Designed to Blend in, But Stand Out


Power switch

Indicator LEDs

Charging Port

In context final.png
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