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Phone Case Render - Martin Botero.16 (1).jpg

ModulX Case

This minimalistic phone case allows maximum exposure of the phone while keeping the parts that are at higher risk, safe. Additionally, contains a screw thread in the back of the phone which allows for several attachments to be placed onto the back for different needs.

Modeled in Rhino

Rendered in Keyshot

3D printed, primed, and spray painted


Phone Case Render - Martin Botero.15.jpg

Covers the four corners of the phone while maintaining the back exposed for users who appreciate the aesthetic of the phone without a phone case, while still keeping it protected.


Lightweight design uses the minimum amount of material while not sacrificing on safety.

3D printed

Phone Case Render - Martin Botero.14.jpg

The quick screw-on mechanism allows for easy installation and removal of the attachments while keeping them secured on the phone while in use.

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