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Pokemon Travel Case

Tasked with transporting an item valuable to me, I chose a pokemon figurine of sentimental value. This retractable Pokeball makes sure to maintain your pokemon safe while in travel, while nicely revealing it when arriving to the destination.


Sketch modeling

Modelled in Rhino

3D printing



Spray painting


As part of the

ideation process, this 

sketch model

was made along with 10 others exploring how the pokemon figurine could be transported

After deciding which of the sketch models were worth developing I went on to make the

first prototype

which would help me decide on dimensions, test functionality, and define a color palette.


After recieving feedback on the first prototype, I went to ideate and developed the

final sketch

adding more small refined details as well as improvements on optimizing space and better functionality

From the final sketch, I started making the

final product

with 3D printed parts which were then sanded, primed, and spray painted

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