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Cutlery all 3 Straight.2.jpg

Portable Cutlery Set

This cutlery set is designed to be easily portable and light. Provides retractable utensils and the option of assembling them together to make them easy to carry anywhere.

Modeled in Rhino 

Rendered in Keyshot


Cutlery all 3 Straight.6.jpg

Cutlery fully retracts into the handle for safety and decreased volume when carrying.

Full stainless steel body prevents rust and provides durability.

Cutlery all 3 Straight.3.jpg
Cutlery all 3 Straight.4.jpg

The thin design makes sure it is ergonomic and lightweight yet durable.

Cutlery all 3 Straight.10.jpg
Cutlery all 3 Straight.8.jpg

Easy snap on locks joins the tree pieces into a small and compact single piece ready to take anywhere.

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