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Bringing the playground to work, reigniting excitement, and fostering connections with your daily coworkers... Welcome to your Recess time.

Project Lead - Martin Botero

Graphic Design - Illisha Sharma

Branding and Concept Development - Ani Asanga


Socio-Cultural Trends


User Tesing


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So... How Does Recess Even Work?

What are "The Games"

202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeLoginScreen (1).jpg
202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeProfileSearchScreen (1).jpg

And it's that easy, get ready to play when you come into work!

202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeHomeScreen (1).jpg

Create a profile to share a little about yourself, become recognizable in the app, and learn about your co-workers.

Once your company has joined Recess, create an account using your company email to make sure you are synchronized with your co-workers.

More than just games, they are a series of team-building activities that motivate and encourage different levels of interaction within the workplace. These games are designed to be workspace friendly making sure that they do not disturb the workflow in any way and are appropriate for the context they are being played in. These games can last different periods of time depending on the game from just a day, a week, to even a month.

202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeCountdown1 (1).jpg
202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeCountdown2 (1).jpg
202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeCountdown3 (1).jpg
202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeCountdown4 (1).jpg

Once you go into work, open the app and check for any ongoing games. If there is an ongoing game, once you've swiped, you will be presented with the following countdown. Get ready to play!

202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeChallengeScreen1 (1).jpg

The ongoing game will show up along with a set of rules. You can choose to join and start playing.

202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeChallengeScreen2 (1).jpg

Now you are ready to go. Good luck! Follow the rules of each game and compete against your co-workers. You can see who else is playing in the "current players" tab as well as share pictures taken of the activity in the camera icon below.

202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeChallengeScreen3 (1).jpg

Once you decide to join, you will be presented with a timer showing how much time is left in the current game.

But Wait, There's More!

202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeRewardsScreen (1).jpg

Participating and winning in games earns puzzle pieces that will help you climb the leaderboards among your co-workers. Additionally, these puzzle pieces can be collected and used to cash in for prizes set by the company as extra motivation for participation, as if having fun wasn't enough!

Additionally, the app allows the users to reminisce on past games in the gallery to look back on old challenges, and laugh about the good times. The gallery compiles the images submitted by participants during the games and keeps them for future enjoyment.

202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_DigitalPrototypeChallengeGallery (1).jpg

So What Are You Waiting For? Get to Playing and Let the Work Flow with the Workflow!

202220_IACT-315-02-21250_Breadwinners_Poster (1).jpg

Thank you for your interest in Recess. To find out more about the process click here.

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