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Wanda Vision Desktop

Wanda Vision Inspired Desktop

This desktop PC concept was inspired by the popular Marvel series "Wanda Vision". This computer maintains all of the essential characteristics of a desktop PC with some aesthetic details for Marvel lovers.

Modeled in Rhino

Rendered in Keyshot



Makes a reference to the scarlet witch mask, Vision's mind stone as the on button, and the infinity stones represented as RGB lights on the side.

Back Desktop.40.jpg
Top desktop.42.jpg

Includes 6 USB ports, 1 ethernet port, 3 USB type C ports, pink, green, and blue audio ports, 1 VGA connector, 1 DVI connector, 2 HDMI connectors, and a power outlet in the back with an additional 4 USB ports, 2 USB type C ports a headphone, and microphone jack in the top front for easier access.

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