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Unlocking the power of your commute time through moving spaces, adaptable to your situation, and rentable by time so you can ride however you want to ride, and do whatever you want to do.

Modelling (Rhino)

Rendering (Keyshot)

Grade A Surfacing





Trend Forecasting

Market Analysis

Consumer Segmentation

Secondary Research

Primary Research

UI Design


AXO Hero Shot.jpg

What if we could use not only the time but also the space within our vehicles?

Introducing AXO

AXO is an autonomous vehicle service that allows you to rent the vehicle by time. AXO's modular interiors adapt to any activity you wish to do while on the way to your destination. This means you can take your 30-minute meeting, a 15-minute power nap, or have a cute movie date while on the move.

Second Batch renders.292.png

The AXO App

Allowing you to:

iPhone 14 - 34.jpg

Order your AXO autonomous vehicle

iPhone 14 - 35.jpg

Set how long you want to ride for

iPhone 14 - 36.jpg
iPhone 14 - 31.jpg
iPhone 14 - 30 (1).png

And customize your space before the vehicle arrives or once you're inside

The AXO Autonomous Vehicle

Adjustable Seats

Designed for comfort and adaptability, these seats move around in the car and adjust based on the activity at hand.

Renders Polilla Final.83.png
Second Batch renders.297.png
Renders Polilla Final V2.99.png

Lidar Cameras

These cameras, strategically positioned on the four corners of the vehicle allow it to recognize its surroundings and autonomously drive, evading obstacles, and making decisions on the road to reach its destination.

Omnidirectional Wheels

Due to its autonomous capabilities, AXO is able to drive in both directions. With both of the wheels being able to turn, it increases maneuverability, efficiency, and providing smoother movements.

Renders Polilla Final V2.94.png

Top Ventilation

To circulate air from outside to provide fresh air. It can be adjusted to open both sides, just the front, or just the back to regulate how much air comes in.

Second Batch renders.307.png
Second Batch renders.308.png

Transparent OLED Windows

The windows can be adjusted to be more or less dim, and display media to provide options in privacy, lighting, and entertainment.

Falcon-Wing Doors

After a brief warning, the doors open upwards for comfortable and easy access. The door unlocks through the app or by entering a passcode provided in the app on arrival.

iPhone 14 - 32.jpg

Battery Pack

The vehicle's bottom provides space for a large battery, suitable for multiple trips before needing a recharge.

Renders Polilla Final V2.98.png

And Once You're Inside, It Only Gets Better

The modular interiors are designed to shift an adapt according to the task at hand, hiding and exposing tables, and adjusting chairs to provide the necessary versatility to meet your spatial needs.

Renders Polilla Final-3.png


A balance between space and interaction, ideal to have a formal conversation or if you require more space in between each other.


This mode brings the larger center table up providing working space so you can get ahead on your assignments, have a meal, or play a board game on the go.

Renders Polilla Final-4.png


Allowing for closer face to face interactions, this mode brings up the smaller side table and brings the seats together to share a drink, reminisce on some memories, or even have a date while you see the wonders of the city.

Renders Polilla Final.png

Movie / Landscape

As the seats rotate towards the large side window, you can choose to either dim the windows to enjoy your favorite forms of entertainment with the transparent OLED display on the windows. Alternatively, you can return the windows to transparent and just enjoy the beauty of the city around you.

Renders Polilla Final-2.png


If you need a little energy before your big meeting or just want a space to take a nap, the chairs will lay back and AXO will recalculate its route to ensure the smoothest ride, so you can  sleep while swayed by the gentle movements of the omnidirectional wheels.

Renders Polilla Final-1.png

From Concept to Cohesiveness


Finding relevant future trend forecasts that will influence the autonomous vehicle market, industry, and experience. Doing primary and secondary research that will define the concept direction, DLS, and CMF.

Exterior Sketching

Initial Sketching for the exterior of the car based on research, leveraging the benefits of omnidirectional autonomous capabilities and maximizing space.

Group 69.png
Group 70.png
Group 71.png

Interior Sketching

Based on the chosen exterior, sketching for the interior ensuring that the design language remains consistent to create a cohesive vehicle.

Group 58 (1).png

Creating The Wheels

Creating wheels that not only align with the visual identity of the car, but are also unconventional, bringing a sense of futurism while suggesting movement so they can represent the omnidirectionality of the AXO vehicle.

3D Modeling

Taking the sketch into a 3-dimensional space, and ensuring it is curvature continuous, for visual and tactile beauty.

3D Modeling Interiors

Modeling the interior to ensure optimal ergonomics and remains cohesive with the space and the exterior vehicle.

Seat 3d model.png

Making the UI

Wireframing, user testing, and finalizing the UI for both the app and interior controls, making it a fully cohesive user experience by providing an intuitive flow while offering control and customizability to align with the general concept.

iPhone 14 - 39.png
iPhone 14 - 34.png
iPhone 14 - 36.png
iPhone 14 - 35.png
iPhone 14 - 38.png
iPhone 14 - 37.png
iPhone 14 - 32.png
iPhone 14 - 40.png
In Car UI Control Navigation Standard layout.png
Desktop - 4.png
Desktop - 6.png
Desktop - 5.png

Final Rendering

Finalizing the full visualization of AXO as a fully rendered photorealistic concept, along with a to-scale model for better tactile and physical visualization.

Renders Polilla Final V2.95.png
Renders Polilla Final V2.100.png
Animaion tests.63.png
Second Batch renders.296.png
Second Batch renders.297.png
Renders Polilla Final.82.png
Second Batch renders.294.png
Second Batch renders.293.png
Second Batch renders.292.png

Take Control Of Your Commute

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