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Comma Buds

In a world that's constantly in motion, the Comma Buds stand as beacons of tranquility. More than mere earbuds, they are crafted sanctuaries for the soul, offering a pause in life's relentless rhythm. With their noise-canceling prowess, they hush the outer chaos, guiding breath and heart to a serene cadence. These buds represent a seamless blend of technology and design, creating a bridge to inner calm and reminding us to embrace life's quieter, peaceful moments.

Digital sketching

Earbuds modeled in Solidworks

Case modeled in Rhino

Rendered in Keyshot



Have You Ever Wished for a Pause Button in Your Life?

A tool that could momentarily mute the world outside, allowing you to retreat, recalibrate, and return with renewed vigor?

Sometimes Life Can Get Overwhelming

In a world that never stops, where countless events happen every moment, we often feel overwhelmed. Amidst all the noise, we all seek a moment of calm and peace.

Sensory Overload is More Common Than You Would Imagine

Globally, more than 301 million people suffer from anxiety disorders

As reported by the world health organization in 2019, people with anxiety disorders often get overwhelmed by their senses, leading them to experience intense and excessive fear and worry.

This is affecting APPROXIMATELY 4% of the ENTIRE world’s population

And Although Only
1 in 4 People Seek Help

There Are Other Alternatives

Comma Buds

Designed to promote mental well being through leveraging the benefits of music and breathing exercises through the portability and easy accessibility of truly wireless earbuds.

The Comma Ecosystem for Audio Respiratory Therapy

The Earbuds

Allows the user to adjust their preferences regarding the earbuds as well as the audio-respiratory exercises.

The Comma App

Crafted for subtlety, the minimalistic design ensures they are inconspicuous and suitable for any setting. With active noise-canceling technology, they offer true isolation from their surroundings.

The Case

Made to facilitate portability with a minimal footprint making it easy to take anywhere and therefore always ready for use. It features two pulsating LEDs to guide users through the audio-respiratory exercises.

Music Can Provide

Brainwave Entrainment

The brain naturally syncs its brainwaves with external rhythmic sounds.

Mood Regulation

Different types of music can have different effects on the brain.


Music can lead the mind away from pain or stressful stimuli.

Active Noise Cancelling

To ensure the user can isolate themselves from sensory overloading situations, the earphones have been equipped with noise canceling to properly separate them from external sounds.

Breathing Exercises Can Help Achieve

Parasympathetic Activation

Slow, deep breathing can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the body's "rest and digest" functions. This counteracts the stress-induced sympathetic "fight or flight" response.

Mindfulness and Grounding

Focusing on one's breath brings attention to the present moment, grounding the individual and providing a break from overwhelming stimuli or thoughts.

Proper Oxygenation

Proper breathing ensures optimal oxygenation, which can enhance mental clarity and reduce feelings of fatigue or dizziness.

Blinking LEDs That Mimic Rhythmic Breathing

To provide the user with visual guidance for the respiratory side of the exercises





Comma App Settings

The user can then adjust if they want music to automatically play when they insert the earphones

Select which combination of music and breathing exercises they want based on recommended combinations tailored to achieve the best combined results or edit it to create their own combination or exercise

And adjust the level of noise cancelation as well as when it is active to decide when the user wants to be isolated

Ideating for Portability








And Modelling For Tactile Beauty

Seemless Yet Ergonomic

Refined through prototyping to fit comfortably, while ensuring that they are snug in the ear so they don’t fall.

The small nature of the earbuds makes them easy to wear in any situation, providing little obstruction so no matter the situation, they can be always ready.

Hero shot dark top for text.png

Retreating to Effectively Move Forward

Step back into a melody, take a breath, so that you can peacefully return to taking your next stride forward

Technology For Wellbeing

Technology is often detrimental to mental health, but not because it’s an innate consequence of technology, it is the form of application.

Lets leverage the capacity of technology to foment well-being in society!

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