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A project merging UX/UI design with product design to create a futuristic experience of 3D-printed food for gamers. Through an ecosystem based on food delivery, an NFT and crypto marketplace, and custom door-to-door deliveries, it optimizes the food preparation process and helps gamers stay healthy through proper nutrition.

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Project Lead: Jessica Lam

Design Lead: Martin Botero

Interface Lead: Vincent Lee

Prototype development: Seth Leister

UX Design

UI Prototyping Using Figma

Interface Design Using Figma


3D Modelling Using Rhino

Rendered Using Keyshot

3D Printing


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Secondary Research

The Start of it All


Cultured Meat





Tasked with designing for the future, we looked into several emerging technologies to find an opportunity space in a very unsaturated market. We ended up looking into:



image (1).png

Food 3D Printing


Laser Cooking

From there...

We began doing 

Secondary Research

To find a space where these technologies would be viable and it is how we arrived to our

Problem Statement

where we found that gamers are spending hours playing games and aren’t taking care of their dietary needs. This brought us to our

Opportunity Space

Where we decided that we wanted to fulfill gamer’s nutrition by facilitating the meal-prep process and appealing to their food interests.


Expected Outcomes


Helping gamers develop healthy eating habits


Allowing them to explore different food cuisines


Save them time when prepping food

The Birth of Gamewave

With this problem space in mind, Gamewave was born. A concept that would automate the process of food making by using

Food 3D Printing

cooked using

Laser Cooking

and would appeal to the audiences interests by offering them a variety of recipes coming from videogames, movies, and other forms of media which they could purchase through


Primary Research

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We began performing surveys to find out how willing users would be to adopt this technology and discovered that:

Martin Botero Industrial Design Portfolio (1).png
Martin Botero Industrial Design Portfolio.png
Martin Botero Industrial Design Portfolio (2).png

Target Audience

With this in mind, we decided our target audience to be

Gamers who spend 6-8 hours playing videogames

This would include:


Gaming Enthusiasts




Professional Gamers

Initial Design

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As we began developing our digital prototype, we began to lay out what should be included in the app.

Initial Product Design

Home-With order.png

Users would be able to browse between several recipes based from videogames, movies, and TV shows. They would also receive suggestions based on what they would input as their preferences, allergies, and dietary restrictions in the onboarding process

Order Recipe (1).png

Once users purchase the recipe, they would own it as an NFT and would be able to order the required ingredient packets for it


Users would be able to order as many of the recipes as they want to, which would get delivered directly to their home

gamewave sketch v4.png

We then began to figure out how the device would function and how it would turn the food packets, 3D print the food, heat it up, and get the food organized on a plate

Initial CAD Model

Gamewave V1.14.png
Gamewave V1.15.png
Gamewave V1.16.png

A screen to display the Gamewave UI that would help connect the mobile UI experience with the device

A space to place the plate where the food would drop from the top compartment into

Side compartments to mount the food packets, and needles to extract the food from the packets

Final Design

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The Marketplace

After feedback on what the marketplace should include, the final marketplace was designed so it would:

Print Recipe (1).png

Allow users to add NFT Recipes of their favorite shows, movies and videogames

Order Recipe (2).png

Users can order ingredients from recipes they own to load onto the device

Personalize Your Plan (1).png

And through the onboarding expereince, they would be able to filter out allergies, dietary restrictions, and select their favorite movies, videogames, and TV shows to get recipe recomendations from

Final Device

Gamewave .98.png

The screen would allow the user to choose which recipe to print

Additionally includes options to function as a normal oven

Cooling section on the side would keep food packets loaded onto the capsules cold and fresh, ready to print

Gamewave .102.png
Gamewave .97.png

Food packets when received are loaded onto the capsules, and then loaded onto the cooling section


Profile Page (1).png

As technology evolves, in the future, thanks to


this process could be


by using nanotechnology to monitor

Ghrelin Levels

where ghrelin is a hormone released by the body when it is hungry, allowing the device to figure out when the user is going to be hungry and automatically start making the food

Gamewave Accessory.129 (1).png
Gamewave Accessory.122 (1).png

Chip to communicate with the nanobots, designed to be worn as a necklace or on the wristband

Final Poster

Prototype poster + slogan (1).png
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